BrittMalka150x150Hi, I’m Britt Malka, and you might wonder why this domain is called Foxladi…

Well, that’s a long story, but I’ll make as short as possible.

When I met my husband back in 1997, we joined our companies and adopted the fox as our logo.

He told me about this cool and free place to make homepages, Geocities, and I chose the nickname foxy lady (without knowing what that meant, in fact). It was taken, so I picked Foxladi instead.

I used that site for screensavers, animated gifs and other things I found really cool back in the childhood days of the Internet.

My husband gave me this domain as a gift when I turned 42 – the magical number – the answer to life, the Universe and everything.

I’ve used it in Danish up until recently – sharing herb recipes and witch craft and a few things about my life.

I no longer write in Danish (I can’t remember how to spell even the most common words) so I plan to make this blog my daily b-log, where I share things I think of, recipes, what I experience and more.

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