Best Way to Learn Hebrew

The best way to learn Hebrew?

hatikvaThat is to be born and raised in Israel.

But since you are here on this blog post, you probably didn’t have that luck.

Neither did I.

In this blog post, I’ll share my experience with you about what is the best way to learn Hebrew for all of us who weren’t born in Israel.

Learn the Hebrew Alphabet (Alef-Bet)

Your can learn to speak Hebrew without this knowledge, but if you want to read it, you have to learn the Hebrew alef-bet (alphabet)

I highly recommend that your first step to learning Hebrew is to learn the Hebrew alphabet.

The Hebrew alphabet is, in fact, called alef-bet, after the first two letters: alef (aleph) and bet.

I had been looking at these nice characters a lot of time, but I only started learning them, when I used flash-cards. It became a family competition to recognize these letters.

Back then, I printed out these cards, cut them and added plastic around them. You can also glue them together. It will not look 100% professional, but it will do the trick.

If you prefer to use your computer or smart phone, then you can get the aleph-bet and much more for free, using this smart system of flash cards.

After you’ve learned to recognize the alphabet, you should learn to write the letters.

I recommend that you use a book for that purpose.

Below, I’ve listed more recommendations of handy tools and books that will help you learn the Hebrew alphabet as fast and good as possible.

Hebrew Grammar and Logic

One of the things I really grasped in the Ulpan (Hebrew school) was grammar. It was logical.

However, remembering the verbs and words… That gave me a hard time.

So when I heard about an online course, where one of the teachers had had the same struggle I did, and overcome it and was now teaching it, I joined without hesitation.

It’s called Weekly Hebrew Classes, and you’ll get a new lesson every week, which means you have plenty of time to go through it and rehearse.

This course has been very helpful to me.

Learn Hebrew Phrases

Learning Hebrew words is good; learning Hebrew phrases is much, much better.

Your next step should be to learn some Hebrew phrases.

When we moved to France in 2000, our children were 10 and 12 years old, and they didn’t know any French.

After a short while, especially our daughter spoke French without any accent. People, who didn’t know her, simply assumed that she was French.

Her “secret”?

At that age, in France, the children had to learn poems by heart. She learned those poems, recited them in class, and heard all the other children doing the same.

Over and over again, the same phrases.

Learning phrases is also the best way to know which words go together. There’s a big difference between saying “this is a house big” and “this is a big house”. When you learn phrases instead of just words, you know in which order to put the words.

The best way to learn Hebrew phrases is by hearing native speakers pronounce them, and then repeat them lots of times, until you know them by heart, and until you get the pronunciation right.

Speak after Five Minutes of Hebrew Learning

You wanted to know the best way to learn Hebrew, and I can tell you that (next to being born and raised in Israel) it’s by using the Rosetta Stone Hebrew learning system.

I’ve tried other options. Lots of other options.

Books – they didn’t work for me. A book will not teach you exactly how to pronounce a word.

And it’s difficult to motivate yourself to use it daily to learn a new language.

Other computer programs – didn’t work for me either. They went from basic to advanced much too fast.

Ulpan – Hebrew school in Israel. I learned a lot here, but forget more, and it was irritating that so many of the students were chatting loudly (in Russian) in class. The speed was okay to start with, although very paced. Later on, I found it too fast. I would have loved to have more time to revise words to really integrate them and learn them.

RosettaStone is great, because it doesn’t involve any other language than Hebrew. You see images and videos, and it’s just like being a child again and learning language the natural way.

Get the DVD version, though, since there seems to be problems with the download version, at least for Mac.

Learn to Read Hebrew
Reading can be fun…

Who says it has to be boring to learn to read Hebrew?

I’ve learned a lot of Latin as well as French by reading cartoons.

First of all, in comics words and phrases are repeated, so you get a change to learn them thoroughly.

Second, you see the text in a context and illustrated by drawings.

Third, when it’s funny, you learn faster.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find cartoons in Hebrew online.

You can find easy-reader Hebrew newspapers online. You get them with sound files and all here, which means that you can read yourself, have the text read out aloud, and check the dictionary for new words. There are free versions here you can practice on.

Free demo of Bereshit

You can choose between a very easy newspaper and a more advance version. And you can get it delivered to your door or read (download) online – or both.

Another way is to form Hebrew words and sticking them to your fridge or other places.

And to listen to great music, of course.

And by watching Israeli movies with English subtitles. I found a hilarious one for you. We’ve seen it so many times, and we still laugh when we see it.

Learning can and should be fun.


Learning Hebrew – the Best and Fastest Way
At home, at your speed, and yet with corrections

You might already have heard about the famous Rosetta Stone products.

There’s a reason for why they are famous: They work!

It’s like having your own, native teacher in your house, always patient, always ready to teach and listen.

This teacher gives you brilliant exercises, and you can repeat them as many times as you want.

A bit further down, you can see a video of how the Rosetta Stone courses work.

In short: When you follow such a course, it’s like being child again and grow up learning a language. You will learn by discovering words spoken only in the new language. Nothing is translated. You will learn the same way that children learn by hearing words in a context and by using both your intelligence and your intuition.

Yes, you could argue that the course is expensive, but spending time on an evening course or – like I did – spending five hours daily in an Ulpan, walk to and from (add 45 minutes) and doing at least two hours of homework afterwards is also expensive. I couldn’t work during five months, and a lot of those daily hours were wasted, because of the chit-chatting students in class.

I feel that I’ve learned more during lesson 1 of the Rosetta Stone Hebrew course than I learned during the first month in Ulpan. And with a difference: This time I can remember the words that I’ve learned.

You can buy the modules individually, but you save a lot of money by getting them all in one package.

If you’re serious about wanting to get access to the best way to learn Hebrew, click on the button below to grab it.

Learn to Speak Hebrew

If your goal is to learn to speak Hebrew, I have good news for you.

You can do it!

Ever since I was a child, I’ve dreamed about reading and speaking Hebrew, but it all seemed so mystical and difficult to me.

When I looked at the alphabet, I found it beautiful, but so strange and so far away from anything I knew.

And yet, today I speak Hebrew.

For me, it all started with the letters. When you get to know them, you’ll see that there are simple rules of how to pronounce them.

Very soon, you’ll be able to say a few words. And the language is not as complicated as, say, English.

Immerse yourself with the language as much as possible. Listen to it in music and films. Try to sing along with the artist, when you listen to music. That way, you’ll get used to hearing the words. And that’s a great start when you want to learn to speak Hebrew as well.



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