Dramatic Day with Attack and Accident

It was a bright and beautiful morning, and Nefnef and I went to the park. On our way back, Nefnef saw a kitten near our place.

She attempted to run after the kitten, but I stopped her. She only wants to play, but for one, those kittens can carry diseases, and two, kittens have a mother.

Two was exactly what happened.

To the left of us, I spotted the mother cat, hissing, spitting and with it’s back high up in a turned over U. She got closer to us, and now Nefnef saw her too.

And wanted to play with the nice cat.

Yeah, right…

I said “NO!” and waved the cat away, but she wasn’t threatened by my gesture. She was worried about her kitten, so she kept coming closer, and then she attacked Nefnef, who still only wanted to play.

I’m so glad that I wanted an intelligent breed. Who knows how stupid that dog would have been, if she didn’t belong to an intelligent breed?

I kicked the cat (yeah, I’m a cat lover, but I’m also protecting my puppy), and she attacked my foot. Clever cat. So I grabbed the puppy in my arms and left the place in a hurry.

My foot was bleeding, but she seemed unharmed.

Later that day, we were having dinner, when we heard a highpitch bark from the bedroom.

I went in there, expecting Nefnef to be close to Frostie again, him hissing and spitting, but no.

She’d put her head through the grid in the door, and she couldn’t drag it back.

I called Cyril, and together we managed to get her head back to where it belonged.

She was very happy and thankful for our help.

I don’t think she’ll put her head through there again anytime soon.

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