Hello world! Goodbye Facebook

If I say “Facebook” what does it make you think?

Friends? Waste of time? Networking? Antisemitism? Hate? Discussions? Business?

To me, Facebook is all that.

And from today, I’m going to spend even less time there.

Sure, I’ll go there to share something good… BUT I’ll share it on my own blog first.

Of course, I’ll go there to see what you write, and to share what you post.

But that’s it.


I’ve had enough.

Pictures of bleeding, dead or wounded children are shared by the thousands, calling Israelis killers. These pictures are mostly from Syria – children, brutally murdered by some or other Muslim group. Or they are human shields, put there by “brave” Hamas leaders, who survey their people from afar on TVs.

Facebook thinks that is okay.

Facebook think that it’s not against their community rules to tag a person on a picture of Hitler saying that there should be more nazis to kill the &%$&$ jews…

Well, this &%$%$ Israeli is not going to make it easier for FB to make money from her writings.


4 thoughts on “Hello world! Goodbye Facebook

  1. You’ve escaped! Looking forward to chatting to you where FB (that’s an extreme swearword in the UK, BTW ;)) can’t snoop 🙂

  2. 😀 Nah, I would never escape you, Shan. You know where to find me 😉

    FB a swearword? My dictionary didn’t make me wiser than my imagination. It says, “FB
    • foreign body.
    • freight bill.
    fb(also f.b.)
    Sports fullback.”

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