The Art of Writing… Short

I’m writing copy.

Last week, I set up a squeeze page with a rather long text on and tested it with AdWords. I got 22 clicks and no sign-ups.

So I asked a friend. “It’s boring,” he said. “I never got past the first paragraph.”


You can write long and boring, or long and interesting, of course.

Apparently, I’d made it in between: Medium long and boring.

This reminds me of the time when I worked as a secretary for a attorney. He was a master at using the Danish language. He could say in three lines what other tried to say in several pages. He never got calls from clients who failed to understand what he wrote. The other attorneys did that all the time.

Brief is good. If it’s precise.

Here’s little Gabrel’s take at how to not write boring:


How to not write boring

via YouTube Capture

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